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Candied Orange Peel

I just donít understand why people donít use (preserve and use) orange peel. Itís good to nibble, and can be dropped in drinks, cookies, salads; In just about anything.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7787.JPG

I have saved (it turns out to be) one pound of orange peel from Navel Oranges.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7788.JPG

I empty them (one orange fresh today, several frozen from days of yore) into my rice cooker and add 4Ĺ cups cold water.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7789.JPG

The cooker is left on the ďwarmĒ setting for a half hour or so until the peels are thawed.

I brought the mixture to the boil, and let it simmer 20 minutes; drained and rinsed the peel under cold water.

A second time I brought the mixture to the boil, and let it simmer 20 minutes; drained and rinsed the peel under cold water.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7790.JPG

I sliced the peel into thin strips.

I brought it to the boil (about 15 minutes) then set it back to ďwarmĒ from 7:30 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

Here are the sliced chunks waiting for sugar and water to be added.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7791.JPG

Back into the slow cooker with two cups white sugar and three cups cold water.

The sugar and water are added; I set the cooker on ďhighĒ.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7792.JPG

To speed things up a bit I am using a large mug of water and a side plate to press the peel into the syrup.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7793.JPG

Once the peel was rendered down and almost all the water gone, I spread the sliced strips onto a drying rack.

Next time Iíll retain the jelly-like syrup thatís left over, either to add to an orange marmalade mixture, or to add to my morning coffee.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7794.JPG

Here are the strips in close up; I have arranged them cross-wise to maximize the number of strips I can fit onto my tray.

Into the oven on a low heat (120c) testing them every half hour or so until they feel dry, rubbery, non-sticky.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7818.JPG

Now, I turned off the oven Ė then forgot about them for two days until I was ready to bake a loaf of bread! It doesnít seem to have done them any harm.

I put a cup of sugar in an old ice-cream tub and used my left hand to pick and drop strips, one at a time into the sugar tub, and y right hand to shake the tub every four or five strips to coat the strips with sugar.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7819.JPG

Here is the finished product.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7820.JPG


Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7821.JPG

I got just under a pound of candied peel from this effort.

Christopher Greaves CandiedOrangePeel_HPIM7822.JPG

So. A jar for somebodyís Christmas present, and a jar for Ė Oh! I donít know. Perhaps my bedside table.


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