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Bottled Pears

Red pears are $0.99 per pound, or per kilogram I never can remember which, so ...

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM2999.JPG

The pears are quite firm.

I slice off the top cm, including the stalk, quarter the pear, then remove the core segment. These off cuts will go into the empty 2-liter ice-cream tub visible to the left.

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM3000.JPG

Each segment is cut into three or four pieces so it will fit and settle comfortably into the size of jar I am using.

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM3001.JPG

The tallest jars will take just under three pears each. That jar has one pear, although the contents have not yet been shaken and settled.

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM3002.JPG

Once the seven jars are filled, I flood them with water then agitate them upside down, using my hand as a cover, to drain out all the bits of blossom, grit or whatever else has fallen in.

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM3003.JPG

Each jar receives a half-cup of white sugar, regardless of the jar's size.

Small jars will taste sweeter than large jars.

Since the pears were quite firm I judge them not ripe-sweet, so that extra sugar is called for.

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM3004.JPG

Lids: I use lid plates with rings. Each plate is rinsed under the tap before being place don the jar. Any sugar grains that had settled on the rim will be dissolved by the water and will give me a firm seal, I hope.

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM3005.JPG

The rings are screwed on, and seven jars make a snug fit in my boiler.

I used to worry about jars cracking through vibration. I used to place folded newspaper or a sheet of cardboard in the tub to protect the jars, but tired of that after 10 years. I haven't lost a jar to vibration yet.

Christopher Greaves BottledPears_HPIM3006.JPG

And the pear off cuts? If you were into it you could use them to make perry, but I double-bag them, freeze them, then plant them in tubs.

Theory is enough of the seeds will sprout to make a half-dozen pear trees next spring.


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