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NOTE: This is an adaptation of a recipe that appeared in The Toronto Star Friday, December 6, 2013 in their Cookie Calendar section.

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Beat together the oil, eggs, sugar and essences

Mix the solids in a separate bowl and then add to the beating liquid mixture

Christopher Greaves Biscotti_HPIM6436.JPG

The mixing bowl is 8 oz, so I have ended up with 2 pounds of dough.

Christopher Greaves Biscotti_HPIM6437.JPG

Here is the dough, viewed from above.

The mixing blade has created a temporary cavity.

The dark lumps are dried cranberries.

If your mixture seems a tad sloppy you can add a dash of flour OR let the mixture set for an hour; the dried cranberries will absorb some moisture.

Christopher Greaves Biscotti_HPIM6438.JPG

Roll the mixture out into logs; I have made two logs, about two inches diameter each (although they have flattened out a bit), and about eight or ten inches long on a greased baking tray.

Christopher Greaves Biscotti_HPIM6439.JPG

Bake for twenty minutes in a pre-heated 300 oven.

We want the partially-cooked mixture to be firm enough to slice.

I am not a purist; I use a pizza-cutter to slice the cooked logs into one-inch chunks.

Pop the sliced logs back into the oven for ten or more minutes, until the surface turns a golden brown.

Christopher Greaves Biscotti_HPIM6440.JPG

Remove and cool.

Yes, I know it looks as if the slice off one end of a log has been prematurely removed and consumed while still hot


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