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As in white rice, sticky rice, black rice, basmati rice - Rice of almost any sort – You name it.

(But please see my similar notes on beans )

Bring a pan of water, with a pinch of salt, to the boil.

Drop half a cup of rice into the boiling water.

Place a lid on the pan and turn the pan to LOW.

After 20 minutes, strain the rice and store it in a lidded plastic container. Allow them to cool to room temperature before placing them in the refrigerator.

Note that I have used the setting marked “LOW” on my stove top, whose temperature or heat-flow will differ from yours. That’s why you will record, as did I, the time spent in the pot.

You may find that 20 minutes is too long, or that 30 minutes is not enough.

Determine your time, record it, and use it next time!

Rice type


Wild rice (not really a rice)



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