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Apple Crisp

In Bottled Pears I said “Of course this applies to most fruits like pears. But not apples; they go to mushy. I can’t think of any other examples, good or bad.”

Here’s what I do with apples:

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1065.JPG

I ignore all that rubbish about “5 medium-sized apples”, because my medium turns out to be their large, or their small. After all, how can you have an average, or medium, without also having a large and a small. If I’ve got the average, someone else must have the ....

I use as many apples as will fit comfortably in my flat glass dish.

Mathematically I’m thinking something along the lines of the sum of the dimensions of the apples across the dish, and the sum of the dimensions of the apples along the dish, and the volume of a sphere being four-thirds PI times the cube of the radius, which is half the diameter, and so on.

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader while I get on with ....

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1066.JPG

Dunking the apples in a bowl of water. This helps bring them up to room temperature and gives them an added rinse.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1067.JPG

Here’s my flat glass bowl, empty again, but not for long.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1068.JPG

Same deal with the “half a cup of this, two-thirds a cup of that, and three-quarters a cup of the other”. It’s never enough, or it is too much.

I measure out a cup of oatmeal, ½ cup of all-purpose flour, and a half cup of sugar.

It makes a pyramid.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1069.JPG

I flatten out the pyramid and think that, even ‘though it will fluff up (we hope) with cooking, it needs more if it is to cover the apples with a one or two centimeter thickness of Crisp.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1070.JPG

Here we are after adding a second dose of dry goods and flattening it out. It doesn’t need to be perfect, just pretty close.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1071.JPG

I put the teaspoon of salt atop the dry mixture, then gently tip it into a mixing bowl. I mix the dry ingredients thoroughly.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1072.JPG

In goes half a cup of vegetable oil. I can always add a dash more if the mixture is too dry. But it is not too dry this time – just right, “crumbly” they call it. I call it “moist”, although I’ve added no water.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1073.JPG

The apples are retrieved and quartered. See the bowl lurking there in the background?

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1074.JPG

Yup! The cores and stalks go into a bowl, as we did for Bottled Pears . The quartered apples go back in the bowl of water.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1075.JPG

Once all apples are quartered, they are sliced and dropped holus-bolus into a bowl. Not whole-less bowl-less.

I will microwave the bowl of slices for 120 seconds on high, so that partially-cooked apples are going into the oven.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1076.JPG

The recipe calls for a dribble of lemon-juice. I juice my lemons and freeze the juice in an ice-cube tray; makes it easier to measure amounts of lemon juice. Here I am using four cubes.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1077.JPG

The bowl sits in the bowl, so that the cubes will thaw.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1078.JPG

The dinner plate is used as a cover, and the lot goes into the microwave.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1079.JPG

The micro waved apples are spread and packed back into the glass dish. I drop a pyramid of oatmeal mix on top.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1080.JPG

Then I spread the pyramid level, brushing the mixture to the edges of the dish.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1081.JPG

Any excess apples and mixture go into a smaller dish. You can never have too much apple crumble.

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1082.JPG

And into the pre-heated 375C oven they go. I need a larger drip-tray to catch any fluid that boils out of the dishes!

Christopher Greaves APPLECRISP_GEDC1083.JPG

(later) You're probably wondering what happened to the smaller dish of Apple Crumble .....


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