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Christopher Greaves

Women Who Just Want to Be Equal with Men

Today’s Toronto Star article “ Group denied permit to march topless ” caught my attention, as it was designed to do.

It contains a quote by Sylvie Chabot, one of the event’s planners. “We’re women who just want to be equal with men, that’s all,” she said.

Ignoring the saucy aspect of topless women, and the caveat that “Raelians see themselves as atheists, but believe scientists from another planet came to Earth and created all life. They hold liberal views on sexuality, which forms a major part of the religion”, let’s focus on Clear Thinking for a moment:-

Ask yourself about the labels “Men” and “Women” or, as it was explained to me 25 years ago “men” and “Womb-men”, that is there are men (ho-hum, boring!) and then there are men-with-a-womb (something special!) and by extension “humans” and “humans-with-a-Womb”.

We use two labels for hairless bipeds because, well, hairless bipeds fall into two distinct groups: Those with a womb (who nurture a fertilized egg for 9 months) and those without a womb (whose need is limited to just a few minutes. If that.

Now we have two labels because there are two different types of humans, and these types ARE different. We are agreed on that.

So how on earth can two groups which are, by definition, different, be equal?

A counter-counter-argument runs “Ah! By ‘equal’ we meant to say ‘be treated equally’”, but even this is not possible.

Why SHOULD we treat a human with egg-carrying, child-bearing capabilities the same as the other type? Each type has special needs. The obvious one of diet in the case of women, who, by the 9th month are eating-for-two.

Better would be to recognize the differences, account for them, and ignore the similarities.

P.S. I am fascinated by diminutive women steering a 200-ton dump truck with as much ease as the traditional beer-bellied chesty brawny 340-pound trucker. It’s all power-steering, see. We need brains in the cab, not brawn.

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