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Why Should Blind Dates Work?

Robert Spiegelís obituary read in part " He was accompanied on his move by his wife, Ursula, whom heíd met on a blind date under New York Cityís Washington Square arch."

That got me thinking, wondering about how many blind dates actually pan out.

I suspect blind dates are better-than-average at leading to a long-lasting marriage for one or more of the following reasons:

(1)†People who agree to blind dates share a degree of confidence in themselves and a willingness to go a little bit beyond the ordinary limits to see what's out there; such couples are likely to enjoy exploring life together.

(2)†People who go on blind dates might feel insecure, or be too shy to go the normal route of courtship. In such cases, someone who feels desperate (whether or not they ought to feel so about themselves) is likely to hold on to that for which they feel grateful.

(3)†People who agree to a blind date are ready to date and build relationships; they are not one hundred percent intensely focused on their career or hobby.

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