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Christopher Greaves

The Final Word

If there is one thing we all learn from reading, it is this:-

So whenever you hear the word ďfinalĒ, be ready to tune out.

In the final analysis, the final frontier is not finally defeated.

There has always been, will always be, a final frontier.

Anglos heading west from the Atlantic coast thought that California (Oregon, Washington) was the final frontier.

There will be no Final Solution because there will always be Another Problem. Once you have solved your most urgent problem, what was your second-most urgent problem automatically becomes your most urgent problem.

There is no ďAll Sales FinalĒ, in truth, because, in truth, anyone who sells you something for coin of the realm will agree to change if you offer them enough change (a.k.a. money). Itís what people who sell for money are used to!

I promise you this: Whenever you hear someone pontificate on ďThe Final AnalysisĒ, you can be certain that they are focused on THEIR local interests, and want their interests to be satisfied above all others. To their mind, THEY are the centre of the known universe.

Finally: Check it out!

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