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A recent Toronto Star article “ Direct downloads hit music, manufacturing ” contains a memorable quote by a lecturer that “I burned all my CDs to my hard drive in 2000, then gave them away to Goodwill”.

I haven’t thought about this a lot.

I don’t need to.

My understanding of copyright is that one can make copies for personal use, but not for any commercial gain, the idea being not to deny the recording artist/company the ability to make money selling copies of their CDs.

I think Goodwill is a great concept, but by burning CDs to a hard drive and then passing the CDs onto Goodwill, presumably for resale, aren’t we blatantly violating copyright?

Just as much as if I were to burn my CDs to hard disk and then give my CD collection to a friend, to save her the expense of buying CDs/

How do you feel about that?

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