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Sign outside a local church on the eve of the provincial election.

Got me thinking.

Define poverty

Most people Iíve polled say something along the lines of ďbelow average incomeĒ, and while thatís not a correct definition, itís what the masses thing when they see the word poverty.

So when they see the word ďpovertyĒ on a sign like this, they think immediately of folks on below-average income.

So presumably they feel urged to do something (in this case vote!) to raise the income of those people.

Immediately shifting the average and introducing a new set of people who are, by definition, on below-average incomes!

In essence itís a never ending arms-race towards higher salaries.

And in that sense, poverty can and will never be eradicated.

Poverty and the Origins of the Third Balkan War

I read extensively on the origins of this war, almost a century ago, and I read first-hand accounts and historical novels. To do so is to be amazed at todayís standard of living, and while I confess to living in a developed country, I have a sneaking suspicion that there are cell-phones lurking in off corners of India, China and Africa.

The Christian Bible

I am in possession of a Christian bible, and I read in Matthew 26,11 and Mark 14,7 that ďthe poor will always be with youĒ.

Since the sign in the image above is sitting on church property, Iím tempted to ask the congregation how firmly they believe in their bible!

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