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Christopher Greaves

Itís Back to Driving School for Halton Police

Says the Toronto Star .

Me? Iíd rather their editors started work.

The leading text of the article says it all:-

So many Halton police cruisers have been involved in crashes that the force has instituted mandatory driving training for its officers.

In the first six months of this year, police cars were involved in 70 accidents, ...


In paragraph one they are ďcrashesĒ.

By paragraph two they are ďaccidentsĒ.

And note that itís NOT about the number of events.

Itís the muddled thinking that allows us to drop into an irresponsible pit of reduced responsibility.

One again, cars donít crash; drivers crash cars.

Paragraph three:-

Most of this yearís crashes, 41 of the 70, were classified as preventable.

Iím prepared to bet that, when the analysis is made, 100% of collisions are foreseeable and therefore preventable.

I understand the sometime-urgent nature of police calls.

I accept the speeds sometimes-necessarily above speed limits of regular prudence.

But always, police or not, they are crashes or collisions.

They are not accidents.

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