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Girl, 15, Killed By Train

The headline reads “ Girl, 15, killed by train in Melbourne while crossing tracks ” and I don’t believe that trains kill.

Trains are large chunks of metals and plastic driven by humans.

Further I don’t believe the driver of the train killed the girl. My sympathies go out to the driver who is, no doubt, traumatized for ever by this incident.

Assuming that the newspaper article tells the truth, then the girl killed herself, for we read “The girl walked around a pedestrian boom gate and attempted to cross the tracks at a level crossing ...”.

So there you have it.

The pedestrian boom gates are down.

We expect a 15-year old to know what that means.

If the 15-year old disregards the wisdom of elders, what is there left, except the grieving and the mourning.

You will see the same behaviour tomorrow morning as some idiot – might be you! – runs a red traffic light to save an extra 60 seconds.

Ask the train driver if it’s worth it.

Ask the girl’s parents if it’s worth it.

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Toronto, Monday, August 03, 2015 11:43 AM

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