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A Device that Will Limit the Maximum Speed of Any Car ...

Youíll see articles like this every now and then in papers like the Toronto Star .

A well-meaning but slow-thinking member of parliament gets a bit of traction in the local press.

But we can stop and think.

Who are these young hoods who are blasting along city streets at 150 KM/hour?

They are not my little-old-widow friend who has run out of smokes and is desperate to get to the corner store.

They are not the harried businessman racing home with a full bladder.

They are young guys with spare time and cash, keen to get under-the-hood and fine-tune their vehicles.

For whom removing or adjusting such a device will be childís play once someone posts instructions on the internet.

Installing such a device will be expensive Ė development costs alone Ė and wonít be retro-fitted to cars.

On top of that the device is aimed at perhaps 0.001 percent (thatís 0.00001 as a fraction of the population) of vehicles on the road.

Itís a people problem, not a machine problem.

So the solution must be a people solution.

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