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The Parks of Yonge Street

This page complements "The Underground Underground".

I live just off Yonge Street, south of Bloor; in my perambulations I spot many small parks, sometimes called parkettes, where one may sit on a bench under a shady tree on a hot day.

This page lists the parks I have discovered; it is not an exhaustive list of parks, nor does it recommend any parks. You take them as you find them and, if you are a good citizen, you'll tidy up after the slobs who leave their litter for fine people to pick up.

The photos are not wallpaper-quality; their small size is designed for fast loading, and each photo serves only to identify the surroundings.

I have arranged the locations in sequence walking south from Bloor Street; no park is more than 200 steps from either side of Yonge street.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0925121747-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0925121747-01.jpg

Lest you think that trees are a rarity in Toronto, above are two photos taken from the 5th floor of the Toronto reference Library, looking north-west. Toronto is a city of trees.

I am happy to receive comments, corrections and omissions.

673 Yonge Street (Charles)

George Hislop Parkette

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7609.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7610.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7612.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7613.JPG

639 Yonge Street (St Marys/Isabella)

Norman Hewison Parkette

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7614.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7615.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7616.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7617.JPG

601 Yonge Street (Gloucester)

James Cannon Parkette

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7618.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7619.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7620.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7621.JPG

587 Yonge Street (Dundonald)

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7623.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7625.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7626.JPG

Christopher Greaves YSP_HPIM7622.JPG

528 Yonge Street (Breadalbane/Maitland)

This park lies to the west of the YMCA building, which lies between Breadalbane and Grosvenor streets, immediately to the west of the red-brick YMCA building.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0925121525-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0925121526-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0925121526-01.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0813131312-00.jpg

471 Yonge Street (East of Church and Wood)

This playground is more than my usual distance from Yonge street. I've included it for those who have small children who need to burn off energy.

The property is private, being a school playground, but I suspect authorities won't mind its use by supervised children when the school is not in session.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121729-00.jpg

A somewhat unflattering shot; the camera view is to the north-east.

I swung around and aimed south-west. The large yellow-brick building is the Loblaws supermarket, was the old maple leaf gardens.

424/444 Yonge Street

The park is behind the College Park (and shops) building. It is also accessible on exiting the subway system (walk past the lower-level Metro supermarket),

Christopher Greaves YSP_0914121753-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0914121753-01.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0914121754-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0914121754-01.jpg

415/429 Yonge Street

This park lies between McGill street and Gerrard, but be warned that McGill does not push through to Yonge street as a paved street. Look for the old "McGill Arch", about twelve feet high straddling the footpath on the east side of Yonge street.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0908121148-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0908121149-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0908121155-00.jpg

329 Yonge Street (at Walton)

This little park can be accessed from Yonge Street or from the southern foot-ramp into the Delta Chelsea hotel.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121624-00.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121625-00.jpg

Allen Gardens

This large park is well to the east of Yonge street, but it does have a greenhouse, is a large park, and is worth the short walk for the sake of watching other park-players, or just admiring the large trees.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121700-00.jpg

From Gerrard and George streets, looking north-east.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121700-01.jpg

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121700-02.jpg

From Gerrard and George streets, looking east.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121702-00.jpg

Looking north-west towards the greenhouse.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0926121720-00.jpg

The view from Carlton and Sherborne, looking south west. That's the Best Western "Primrose" hotel looming in the background.

737 ??? Yonge Street at Temperance street

Cloud Gardens is a small aprk with stone benches under the deep shade of tress on its western side.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0821141457-00.jpg

This view is from the north-east corner looking south-west towards the shade.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0821141458-00.jpg

This is the view from Temperance Street

Christopher Greaves YSP_0821141459-00.jpg

And here is the view across Yonge Street; Cloud Gardens is about fifty yards behind me, to the west of where I stand.

Christopher Greaves YSP_0527130810-01.jpg

Here is a view from the south-west corner on Temperance Street


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