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Christopher Greaves

Taylor Creek Park

Christopher Greaves Taylor05.png

I set off to walk from Victoria Park Subway station to Gerrard Street along Taylor Creek and the Don River.

Christopher Greaves Taylor01.png

My starting point is enclosed in the orange rectangle at the right-hand side of the map above. Victoria Park Subway station is the thin rectangle between my orange square and the Danforth Avenue.

On the left of the map is a parking lot at the western end of Taylor Creek Park.

Christopher Greaves Taylor02.png

I continued in a south-westerly trend from the car park (upper right corner of the map above) under the Don Valley Parkway, then keeping the Don Valley Parkway close to my left-hand side as I walked downstream.

Christopher Greaves Taylor03.png

I continued in a southerly trend, keeping the Don Valley Parkway close to my left-hand side as I walked downstream.

Christopher Greaves Taylor04.png

I continued in a southerly trend downstream until I reached the footbridge that crosses into Riverdale Park, made my way up the hill, then down Sumach Street to Gerrard Street, where I caught a streetcar home.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreekTTC.png

If I do this walk again I shall pay especial attention to those points where I can ascend out of the valley and catch a TTC bus, streetcar or subway train!

It is a long walk, and once you are “trapped” between the Don valley parkway and the Don River, you just have to keep walking!

On the map above I have marked my start- and end-points and the car park partway through.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7166.JPG

Here is the entrance to the park from the west side of Victoria Park Avenue north of the subway station.

I wish the sign was larger.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7168.JPG

On my way down the steps a flash of brown with a long tail caught my eye. A fox, I thought, but as I turned around it looked more like a gopher peering out of its burrow.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7169.JPG

At the foot of the steps I see a bike path coming down from Victoria Park Avenue.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7170.JPG

Here is a map of Taylor Creek Park. “You are here” says the red dot at the right-hand side; I am going to the car park at the left hand side of the map.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7171.JPG

There are many access points in this park, steps mostly, going up to roads that cross the valley.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7172.JPG

The bridges are awe-ful.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7173.JPG

Wild violets grow along the paths.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7174.JPG

And here I am at the western end of Taylor Creek Park.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7175.JPG

Be careful; at the southern end of the car park there appears to be a path that heads south – where we want to go.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7176.JPG

But to get southwards down the Don River we have to exit the northern end of the car park, go underneath the Don Valley Parkway, and then loop south.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7177.JPG

Avoid the large concrete bridge; it won’t take us where we want to go; bear left for best results!

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7178.JPG

Here I am sheltering from the rain in a Henry Moore-like sculpture. My plan is to make for Rosedale Valley road, which comes down BEHIND the cluster of apartment buildings and emerges to the left (south) of them.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7179.JPG

And so I pass from Taylor Creek Park into the Don River parks.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7180.JPG

Here Taylor Creek flows into the Don River.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7181.JPG

The Don is still delightful at this point, with many rapids and a few man-made weirs.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7182.JPG

I found a Bulgarian family picking nettles to dry for tea. Be careful. The nettles are coated with a toxin that stings. The family was using plastic bags as gloves. I touched (not even grabbed) a stem and could feel the burn hours later.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7183.JPG

More bridges span the river. I think that this is Millwood Road.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7184.JPG

It sure is impressive. That’s a yellow cube van heading westwards against the threat of the next rain shower.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7185.JPG

As I draw closer the structure grows more impressive.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7186.JPG

This didn’t come out too well, but as I walked underneath I was impressed by the details of the structure.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7187.JPG

This is a much better shot. Makes me want to rush out and buy a metal Meccano set!

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7188.JPG

The paths make me think of roads in medieval times. To be sure there was no use of asphalt, but the track winding along the banks of the river and the travelers up and down made me feel as if I were walking in the Olden Days.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7189.JPG

If you ever feel like flattening pennies on the rails, here’s an opportune place.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7190.JPG

I think this is the crossing of Pottery Road. The wavy blue markings are fun.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7191.JPG

A pedestrian island makes it easier to cross the road, one direction at a time.

The cyclist has waited for the northbound car to pass.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7192.JPG

I thought I had reached the foot of Rosedale Valley Road; my feet were beginning to ache. But no! This was just the Bayview Road junction.


Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7193.JPG

Here is a glimpse of Evergreen and, I think, the arts-museum-craft centre at

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7194.JPG

I approach the Bloor Street viaduct. I live just fifteen minutes south of Bloor Street, albeit a tad to the west of here, but the sight of Bloor Street gave me courage.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7195.JPG

A closer view, showing the subway train’s avenue underneath the road deck.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7196.JPG

At last! Riverdale Park! All I have to do is climb three flights of steps, walk across the bridge, down the other side,, across the park, up a steep ramp ...

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7197.JPG

I can see the Aura building, a landmark of my home district.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7198.JPG

And here is a view of the ramp p which my aching legs must lift me.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7199.JPG

After crossing the bridge I found the path around the park is under water.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7200.JPG

As is a large part of the park.

Christopher Greaves TaylorCreek_HPIM7201.JPG

As I walked to Sumach street I rescued two large plastic pots from yard waste piled outside a house.

Here they are, riding home with me on the streetcar.

17,000+ steps, and it feels like it.


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