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Roycroft Park

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I set off to walk from Bay and College streets to St Clair, using a park trail I had spotted yesterday on Google Maps. I came home by TTC, but the walk (stroll more like it!) was 60 minutes.

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I leave the concrete jungle at 11:40 to traverse part of the concrete jungle in search of leafy glades.

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My path lies up Bay street to Davenport; Here I approach that intersection, ready to head West.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7439.JPG

I cross Avenue Road. Here is the view to the north.

I rather think that those tall buildings, top centre of the photo, are on St Clair Avenue – my destination is on St Clair but further west.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7440.JPG

Here I am at the corner of Davenport and Dupont, I think.

Casa Loma peers above the Esso gas station.

Not far to go now.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7441.JPG

I cross under the rail line and take the road to the right “Poplar Plains Road”.

I am now in the Republic of Rathnelly!

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7442.JPG

Past the pumping station.

I wonder how many of these are scattered throughout Toronto.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7443.JPG

A local school has a Bee And Butterfly Garden.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7444.JPG

How twee to be a Bee!

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Two minutes later I have climbed to the Poplar Plains entrance to the little Ravine Park.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7446.JPG

I cross a short park to reach Boulton Drive.

Some kind of eagle is sitting, wings spread.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7447.JPG

At first I thought it was a turtle, but as I drew within thirty feet of it, it twisted its feathered head and kept a close eye on me.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7448.JPG

Here I am at Roycroft Park.

The trail heads west behind the sign.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7450.JPG

There you go; plug 150 Boulton Drive into your GPS and head on over.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7451.JPG

The path is similar to many trails that run along creeks of Toronto.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7452.JPG

The first of two explanatory signs.

This little brook has been starved of water by the street drainage system.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7453.JPG

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7454.JPG

Each side of the path is brown and green. Life slaves away here while I’m at home reading a book.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7455.JPG

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7456.JPG

On my right hand side – north of the path – runs a small muddy drainage ditch. I suppose that immediately after a rain storm this becomes a creek.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7458.JPG

Suddenly I spot the high-rise buildings of St Clair Avenue. Can a coffee shop be far away?

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7460.JPG

Another wetland sign.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7461.JPG

Small trails lead off the main track.

Given that this one is well-worn, my guess is that it leads up to a public street rather than to a private gateway.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7462.JPG

Here is the Spadina Avenue bridge approaching St Clair Avenue.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7463.JPG

Whenever I come to a fork in the road, I take the left-hand fork to delay my rise to St Clair Avenue.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7464.JPG

Go Left Young Man!

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7465.JPG

There is so much shade that I remove my hat.

How pleasant.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7466.JPG

To each side the young trees struggle to win the harvest of photons.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7467.JPG

On the south side is another creek, pretty well dry today.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7468.JPG

Go Left Young Man!

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7469.JPG

A couple and I studied this. Is it an entrance to the subway system?

Nope. The doors are locked.

Makes you wonder about the advantage of emerging during an emergency into a ravine park with no wheelchair or motorized vehicular access.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7470.JPG

The familiar Red and Orange sign for Loblaw’s supermarket is evident.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7471.JPG

Then I come to the dreaded steps.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7472.JPG

I will haul myself to the top, one step at a time.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7473.JPG

I surface on St Clair Avenue at Wells Hill, directly across from the Loblaw’s supermarket.

Up ahead are the traffic lights for Bathurst Street.

Christopher Greaves RoycroftPark_HPIM7474.JPG

I will scoot across the road and wait for an eastbound streetcar to take me into the subway station, then head home.

A pleasant 60-minute stroll


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