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Etobicoke Creek (“ We’re Going to the End of the Line ”)

I’ve lived near here for 25 years but until yesterday had not explored the area. This morning I set off with my camera.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek.JPG

Here’s a crude map showing my little trek from Burnhamthorpe Road to Highway 401.

Yesterday I set off up Mill Road and dropped down to the creek from Centennial Park Boulevard; this morning I started at the entrance due west of Sheridan Nurseries.

The little dotted section is a piece where I walked the bike, the track being too rough.

The break at the northern end is where I walked the bike across a ford.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1810.JPG

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1812.JPG

A bed of beautiful Iris just north of where I live. This greeted me as I set off.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1813.JPG

Here I am on Mill Road preparing to turn left (west) on to Burnhamthorpe.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1815.JPG

At the entrance, looking North. The track to the left would take us to the baseball diamonds, but we take the track to the right.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1817.JPG

Beautiful Willows join me in greeting the morning sunrise .

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1848.JPG

The bridges are modern-rustic. This particular one is modern-rusted. It is waiting to be lifted into place across a tributary creek.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1849.JPG

Here’s what its brother looks like as we approach it from a distance.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1850.JPG

Here is a closer look. We are about to pass from Mississauga to Toronto, across Etobicoke Creek.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1823.JPG

Brand new rustic bridges span the creek. I’m on one looking downstream.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1824.JPG

From the same bridge looking upstream. One of the cliffs of shale can be seen; it contributes its rock to the flat rock that lines the creek bed all the way to Marie Curtis park .

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1851.JPG

Large trees line the path, and will shade us no matter what time of day we travel.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1820.JPG

There are glades of wildflowers (did I get that right?) all along the creek. This one stretches back through the trees ….

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1821.JPG

This is out of focus because I took it while traveling. The path winds through trees, very pleasant, and it would be so at mid-day, too.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1825.JPG

Here we are at the junction of yesterday’s morning’s track coming down from Centennial Park Boulevard. The sealed track ends, and a hard-paved gravel section begins.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1826.JPG

Looking back at the junction, that’s the trail from Centennial Park Boulevard coming down hill - and that’s the shallow part of the hill. It is definitely a walk-the-bike-up hill!

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1827.JPG

Along the track are pleasant views of the “babbling brook”.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1842.JPG

Just south of Eglinton Avenue there is a large drain. With the gas vent on top, it looks suspiciously like a water treatment plant outfall. Ugh!

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1828.JPG

There are numerous Deep Dark Dank Dingy Dungeon Forests.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1829.JPG

But mainly expansive views of the creek off to one side.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1830.JPG

Here I am approaching the Eglinton Avenue bridge.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1831.JPG

Looking back after passing (from the right) to the north under the bridge. The track that leads up to the left probably joins the Eglinton Bike path.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1832.JPG

Here’s a sign describing the Etobicoke Creek Trail .

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1834.JPG

Another view from a bridge. The pool is placid, but the current is there.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1835.JPG

From the same bridge looking North towards Matheson Boulevard.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1836.JPG

Between Matheson Boulevard and Highway 401 a creek runs in from the west.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1837.JPG

A rocky ford permits a traverse, but you don’t ride across this ford!

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1838.JPG

Past the ford the track degenerates into patches of loose gravel. Up on the edge of the track a bike path has been ridden through the grass and clay. It is preferable to cycling on the gravel at this point.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1839.JPG

The creek and trees are still beautiful ….

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1840.JPG

… when suddenly! A small airplane takes off from Runway 06R.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1841.JPG

Yup! We have reached Highway 401; trucks lumber towards the top of Toronto.

And so I head for home, back down the track to Burnhamthorpe, back down Mill Road.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1844.JPG

I started this essay with a view or Iris.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1845.JPG

Here to end the essay is another bed of iris. They are getting past their prime (Monday, June 08, 2009), but are the largest blooms I’ve ever seen.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This morning I spotted a set of steps I’d not spotted before.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1953.JPG

There are four stages leading up to the end of Rathburn Road East, I think.

Note the track for bicycles up the northern side of the stairs.

Nice touch!

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC1954.JPG

Here is a closer look at the foot of the track.

I bet this end is fun to see during a rain-storm!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC2176.JPG

This morning I located the top of the steps and bike ramp.

Christopher Greaves EtobicokeCreek_GEDC2177.JPG

They are accessible from the eastern end of Rathburn Road


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