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Centennial Park

In May 2009 I decided to bicycle along every visible path within Etobicoke’s Centennial Park.

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The park is bounded by Eglinton Avenue to the North, Rathburn Road to the south, Renforth Drive to the east, and an extension of Mill Road (Centennial Parkway) to the west.

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May 21st

Christopher Greaves CentennialPark20090521.JPG

May 21st

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May 22nd

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Last week we had unseasonaly warm weather – 11 or so celsius, and after a mild winter it seemed like summer was already here, let alone spring.

So I pumped up Ye olde Tyres and set off around Centennial Park.

Oops! So many of the tracks are gravel, and they were just muddy bogs, what with the sudden thaw and melt.

I rode on the slightly-raised grass shoulder most of the time.

Cycling Centennial Park in the thaw is quite different from Centennial Park in the dry!


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