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The Milton Zoo

The local farm outside of Milton, just west of Toronto, is a Zoo.

On weekends.

Here some of the caged animals are being taken to outlying districts.

I hope they don't come back.

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If you are caught smoking a cigarette in the strawberry-picking area, you have to stand with your face against the wall.

Christopher Greaves IMG_3605.JPG

Here in Canada we breed 'em tough.

This appears to be a cross between a Labrador and a grizzly.

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Educational activities are a strong point.

Here city children are learning where milk comes from.

Christopher Greaves IMG_3610.JPG

Turns out, milk comes from a twenty-five litre pail.

I never knew!

Christopher Greaves IMG_3609.JPG

Betty is picking strawberries.

After twenty minutes in the sun, she did what all sensible adults do packed it in and bought a 1.5 litre tub from the market stall.

Betty asked me to weigh & pay what she had picked, but the cashier weighed the box twice the second time without Betty's bottle of water!

Christopher Greaves IMG_3611.JPG

I didn't do much work at all. Sunday is a day of rest, so I let the rest of them pick the strawbs ...

Christopher Greaves IMG_3612.JPG

while I admired the view of Mississauga(?) From the Niagara escarpment.

Christopher Greaves IMG_3613.JPG

Say what you will, this is a half-decent price for a hanging basket this size.

No strings attached.

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