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To get there: Take Dufferin street, north, from its intersection with highway 9; or drive down Dufferin street from the eastern end of the main street of Bradford, where Bridge street crosses Canal Road.

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Here we are, not one hour from Toronto, in a little bit of Holland.

Dandelions are in bloom (on the ground to the right of the sign) and the yellow-flagged steel spikes are pushing their way to heaven (in the ditch, to the left of the sign)

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There is a parking lot, with a gate, open, on the east side of the road by the welcome sign.

(There is another welcome sign on the north side of town).

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No camping, no this, no that. I took a photo and ran away before they caught me.

Joking aside, this ought to be a good place for a nature ramble on a sunny day.

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I love the early-spring blankets of yellow dandelions against the new grass.

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Here's a close-up view of those yellow flags; they are strangely attractive. Mechanical dandelions, I suppose.

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For the GPS-addicted, here's a clue.

Our book lists about 50 "main streets" in Ontario. We pick a page number between 8 and 205, and that's where we go. Except for a couple on the far side of Thunder or James bays, accessible only by air.

Who knew that there was a Dutch settlement way before you get to Barrie.

The photo in our book shows the original cabins; by now practically every cabin has been augmented, but the basic shape remains visible under the enhancements.

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I could live here, I think. Close enough to cadge a grocery trip to Barrie with a neighbour, close enough to Toronto to take in a show. Not that I go to shows, but you know what I mean.

Vegetable garden out back, ...

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A fine example of the original cabin at the front, family extension at the back.


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