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Christopher Greaves

Six Mile Lake Ė Provincial Park

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A 90-minute drive, from Jane and Steeles .

An identical trip to Gloucester Pool is available.

Read more about South Bay , Baxter Lake , Wood Landing And Cedar Nook .

The Big Chute Marine Railway is only five kilometers east of our launch spot.

You can find more information about Whites falls and Six Mile Lake by following the links below:




Christopher Greaves SixMileLakePP_HPIM2918.JPG

We started with a foray to Baxter Lake, but gave up after we found that all possible spots were shrouded in private cottage sites.

Christopher Greaves SixMileLakePP_001.JPG

Six Mile Lake Provincial Park can be accessed from Joe King Road about 200 yards south of its duck under highway 400.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2919.JPG

We paid $14 for the privilege of parking the car, which seems a bit steep to us; a lower rate for canoeists or pedestrians would be nice. There IS a marina just a little way south, and that could be a much cheaper launch. Six Mile Lake Marina (705) 756-2228.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2920.JPG

So we paid our $14 at the store Ė the park collector being closed, and made our way to a Canoe Beach. There are many launch beaches available, if a car occupies this one-car spot.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2921.JPG

We put in alongside one of the docks, new since the last time Google Earth/Maps visited.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2922.JPG

And out we go into a light breeze and high overcast clouds.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2923.JPG

The banks are densely lined with trees and sparsely lined with cottages.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2924.JPG

It has been a while since we paddled a lake , and the novelty amuses us.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2925.JPG

Here is a view of the northern part of Six Lake Marina (ď6MLĒ on the map below). You can read a discussion of the naming and ownership of this and other local marinas here .

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2926.JPG

Lily-pads are always a good sign; would that they showed up on Google Earth. They indicate calm waters, abundant wildlife, and an absence of powerful speed boats.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2927.JPG

Also moments for introspection.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2928.JPG

At the head of the pad bay is a culvert. Can we squeeze through?

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2929.JPG

Letís take a closer look.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2930.JPG

A cinch!

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2931.JPG

Then out again into the open lake. This photo doesnít do it justice, but the boatshed at the right of the photo is beautifully decorated.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2932.JPG

Here is a zoom shot. Still an injustice ...

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2933.JPG

We turn south and aim for a narrow gap containing a small island.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2934.JPG

We recognize this spot!

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2935.JPG

We beach on a tiny islet that is perhaps big enough to grow Maybe a tomato plant? (7th-last photo)

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2936.JPG

The view up the lake is serene, except for the idiots jetting about on jet-skis, or whatever.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2937.JPG

Our little bay is tranquil.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2938.JPG

A rare sight: two canoeists enter, greet us, and move on.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2939.JPG

About which time we two too elect to continue.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2940.JPG

Early in the trip we were swamped by a power-boater, blatantly ignoring the law. I resolve to embark on some essays in photography to capture the boat registration number with my zoom lens. This is not such a photo.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2941.JPG

We head off across the bay, and caught a glimpse of the bridge at Whites Falls Road to the south of us, the launch point for Six Mile Lake .

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2942.JPG

We find we have a tail-breeze for our trip back.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2943.JPG

Following the shoreline we enjoy making comments on the cottages, Muskoka Chairs etc.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2944.JPG

As we round a small island the first of the several Park beaches comes into sight. At first glance it looks like a road bridge with a slight slope as it crosses a channel of water.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2945.JPG

Our idiot friends are pleased to show how much noise and how large waves they can generate.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2946.JPG

The beach comes into better view.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2947.JPG

Yep! They are back!

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2948.JPG

Can I make out the registration number on this shot? Not on the image on the web page, but on the original photo, sure. Itís a done deal!

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2949.JPG

We pull closer to the canoe-rental docks from which we launched.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2950.JPG

Truckloads of sand have been dumped to create an artificial beach.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2951.JPG

Big Red shows off some of his war scars.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2952.JPG

Both sides! Significantly there are few scars on the keel; they seem mainly to be the result of side-swipes over the past five or six years.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2953.JPG

On the way back we explore potential launch spots on Wood lane and Portage Road off South Bay Road on the west side of highway 400.

Not one proved suitable.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2954.JPG

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2955.JPG

These next few shots are of the creek at Portage Road.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2956.JPG

The rapids are shallow and a canoe could be pulled through, but it would be a long foot-numbing haul.

Christopher Greaves SIXMILELAKEPP_HPIM2957.JPG

Here is the outflow from the rapids, a narrow lip of rock.

Christopher Greaves SixMileLakePP_002.JPG

And here we were; pink for the trip out, magenta for the trip back.

Failed launch spots are marked. Our culvert trip shows up as a gap in the outward journey.


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