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Christopher Greaves

Pefferlaw Dam Conservation Area

Saturday, September 10, 2011

We set off in high spirits to Beaver River (Beaverton) but found that the weir sluice gates are gone, as is the lake, so we headed back to Pefferlaw Brook.

We have previously paddled Pefferlaw Brook – Port Bolster , and I have examined but not paddled Pefferlaw Brook - Udora .

Our paddle today is a continuation of Pefferlaw Brook – Port Bolster , missing out a few hundred yards between the railway bridge and the dam.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_002.png

We timed the run back to Finch Subway Station at about 70 minutes.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_001.png

The launch spot is a fifty-yards walk from the intersection of Pefferlaw Road and Main Street.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4050.JPG

After our mis-judged trip to Beaverton, we were unloading the canoe at a quarter to eleven.

Here is a view from Pefferlaw Road towards the weir, which can be seen in the middle distance.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4051.JPG

Travelling light today; we will use the canoe as a carry-basket.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4052.JPG

Here is the intersection of Pefferlaw Road and Main Street.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4053.JPG

And here is the view upstream towards the weir, from the intersection of Pefferlaw Road and Main Street

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4054.JPG

A close-up shot.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4055.JPG

The car is parked; the canoe is carried; we are ready to go.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4056.JPG

The launch spot is a neat slab of concrete, just the right size for us!

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4057.JPG

I was so impressed I took a second shot; couldn’t believe my eyes.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4058.JPG

And just before eleven we slipped into the water and headed upstream from the weir.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4059.JPG

Traditionally, Canada Geese escort us everywhere, drowning out our conversation.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4060.JPG

We approach and glide under a pedestrian bridge at Old Homestead Road and Peters Lane.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4061.JPG

Reed beds line the western shore.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4062.JPG

The water is glassy in this section.

We are travelling past the new housing estate at Brock Crescent and Pinecrest Road.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4063.JPG

What a beautiful day.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4064.JPG

Before too long we are into tree-lined banks, but still the odd habitation peeks out at us.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4065.JPG

We begin to think that this is a better paddle than Black River at West Sutton !

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4066.JPG

Classic Lake Simcoe periphery.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4067.JPG

Sometimes we are reminded of Minesing Swamp .

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4069.JPG

This house has a well-placed wall of granite blocks lining its shore.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4070.JPG

I took a shot of this jetty on the way back, too. You can’t get a cabin-cruiser in here, and it’s a long way down to the canoe!

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4071.JPG

Toppled trees teeter on the bank.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4072.JPG

This looked better in real life; we rounded a bend and were met by a mini-kaleidoscope of colour.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4073.JPG

The water was at times shallow but clear. A sandy silt lines the bed, and we say small oval depressions that might be clam-holes.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4074.JPG


Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4075.JPG

Another scene reminiscent of Minesing Swamp.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4076.JPG

What can I say?

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4077.JPG

Wildflowers greet us along the banks.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4078.JPG

No matter how weedy they are, the colours are pretty, and they harbour wildlife.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4079.JPG

By now, of course, we are focused on searching for a lunch spot.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4080.JPG

We find one, pull up the canoe, and sit down to compare sandwiches like two little school boys.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4081.JPG

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4082.JPG

We are sitting on the bank about four feet above the water.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4083.JPG

Here is a close-up of a couple of yellow blossoms at our lunch-spot.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4084.JPG

Lunch taken care of, we continued upstream.

By now of course we have a current; we are out of the lake and into the river proper.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4085.JPG

We were hoping to locate a road bridge as a turn-around point and a possible launch spot for our next leg up stream.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4086.JPG

We decide to see “what’s around the next bend”, a fatal time-consuming game for us.

This spot looked like a fork in the river, but I think the far water was just rushing under a log jam.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4087.JPG

Turbulent it was.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4089.JPG

So, (sigh!) we turn around and begin a swift descent with the current.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4090.JPG

The river is as beautiful on the way down as it was on the way up.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4093.JPG

Another view of “that jetty”!

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4094.JPG

The reflections are superb.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4095.JPG

And the trees are mesmerizing.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4098.JPG

We are almost back to civilization.

Same old deal - we didn’t spot another canoeist all day.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4102.JPG

We pulled in to a launch spot at the western end of the footbridge at Old Homestead Road and Peters Lane.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4103.JPG

Here is a view of the footbridge from Old Homestead Road. The canoe is pulled up out of sight to the left of the bridge.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4105.JPG

The view upstream from the footbridge.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4106.JPG

The view downstream from the footbridge.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4107.JPG

The lily-pads, says Fred, are huge!

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4100.JPG

Fred, bless him, spots some frogs.

Here is a photo of a green frog.

Can you spot it?

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4101.JPG

Perhaps this will help!

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4109.JPG

We set off again and are greeted by the flock of about 200 Canada Geese who take off in alarm as we approach.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4110.JPG

Perfect weather.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4111.JPG

A Blue Heron was waiting for us. Will I open up the camera in time?

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4116.JPG

Here’s a photo of the water cascading over the weir, the source of the foam-flecked current we met during our Pefferlaw Brook – Port Bolster trip.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4120.JPG

There’s the canoe, pulled up on the mini-slipway.

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4121.JPG

Do you see it now?

Christopher Greaves PefferlawDamConservationArea_HPIM4122.JPG

Then it’s time to fetch the car and load up, so I send off my driver ...


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