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Christopher Greaves

Kahshe River River Lane

Saturday, October 17, 2009

About 135 Km north of Jane and Steeles, up Highway 11.

Jane and Steeles to River Lane

Christopher Greaves RiverLane_003.JPG

Take Highway 400, then Highway 11. About mile after crossing the Severn at Severn bridge, exit to Southwood Road and proceeed about 4 Km to the concrete bridge at the River lane junction. The concrete bridge is shown in the photos below, but you'd have to be on River Lane to recognize it as such!

Christopher Greaves RiverLane_001.JPG

We travelled downstream and into Sparrow Lake.

An alternative trip would be to portage over the rapids 200 yards upstream from the concrete bridge, and paddle up to Elderberry Lane .

Christopher Greaves RiverLane_002.JPG

Our fallback plan was to drive a little further north along Southwood road and turn right to the Elderberry Lane spot. From there the river apepars to meander lazily through a wooded area.

Christopher Greaves RiverLane_004.JPG

We did an short out-and-back upstream to the rapids, then went downstream and traveresed Sparrow Lake to the northern end.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2269.JPG

The view in the morning sunlight prior to our launch. The house is on the north bank of the river, immediately west of the Southwood Road bridge.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2270.JPG

Here is a view downstream from the same spot. You can see the current in the foreground.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2275.JPG

We set off upstream, for we know that just past the bridge are rapids.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2277.JPG

And here they are, tumbling through about three or four feet. Will we portage past them? No we will NOT!, for we have all the downstream to explore.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2289.JPG

We head downstream. The air is calm, the sun, when it leaks through the trees, is warm on our backs. The reflections are wonderful.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2291.JPG

"Peaceful" doesn't come close!

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2293.JPG

The fall colors are evident. This image is a tad-overexposed; the tree was more brilliant than this.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2296.JPG

I am still strugg;ling to do justice!

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2297.JPG

Around the bend and . Rapids! Darn! We climbed out on both banks (not at the same time) and spent about 40 minutes examining the possibilities. Of course, rocks and steep cliffs line each side of the river.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2302.JPG

After 40 minutes consultation, a 10-minute portage sees us back in the water. We continue downstream.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2303.JPG

We are, of course, wearing our flotation jackets. Besides giving us extra minutes should we tumble in, they provide insulation against the morning breeze.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2304.JPG

Fred demonstrates how to signal a left-hand turn.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2307.JPG

Here we are debouched into Sparrow Lake. We are about to head to the northern end of the lake.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2311.JPG

At the mouth of the river is a cleared grassy area that looks as if it could be a community park.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2312.JPG

Fred finds a perfect lunch spot. Our entry to the lake lies behind the dark-green clad point immediately behind the large rock in the middle distance.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2313.JPG

Here is a view across Sparrow Lake. I don't know how that twig got there

While we ate lunch, a mink scurried past us, between us and the canoe.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2315.JPG

The trees here made me think of Australian gum trees.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2316.JPG

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2317.JPG

The shoreline is beginning to flesh out in color.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2321.JPG

We head towards, but not onto, a sandy beach on Kilworthy Road.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2322.JPG

The trip back was into glittering sunlight with a strong breeze at our back just the way we like it.

Note that this far north, the lakes slope towards the WEST, whereas further south they slope to the South.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2323.JPG

We passed a set of large dormitory-type residences.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2325.JPG

Here we are, back at the mouth of the river.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2326.JPG

The wind has picked up and the waves slide by as we turn out of the lake.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2327.JPG

Fred remarked on the wind-shaped pine trees

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2329.JPG

After the lake, the river seemed silent, and yet we both remarked on how quiet it was ON the lake.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2330.JPG

The river was a sea of tranquility.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2331.JPG

The banks are thick with grass and dead brush. Fall has arrived. This might be our last paddle of the season (snif!)

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2339.JPG

A chunk of polystyrene foam floating in the water appears with its reflection to be a half-submerged concrete pipe!

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2341.JPG

The river is glassy, despite the mild current coming down from KahShe Lake

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2346.JPG

In the distance a pine tree stands like a church steeple.

Christopher Greaves RIVERLANE_GEDC2349.JPG

The day stayed clear and warm. Perfect weather.

The sky remained clear throughout our trip.


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