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Christopher Greaves

Black River - Saturday, May 16, 2015

Three years have passed since our previous visit here.

Black River empties into Lake Simcoe near the town of West Sutton. We drove up Highway 48 out of Markham, through West Sutton and doubled back half-a-mile to Dalton Road.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1091.JPG

We put in around 10:40, about an hourís run from Toronto, and that included unloading and then (Fred) driving away to park the car. (More on that later)

This is the by now standard view looking upstream from the launching point. The air is calm, the skies cloudy (which I like because I detest paddling into a million bright reflections off the water).

Trees and shrubs are coming into leaf.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1092.JPG

A zoom shot upstream; there is a breeze as evidenced by the ripples on the water, but the breeze was almost undetectable on our skin.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1093.JPG

While I waited for Fred to walk back, I took some photos of garbage that has been tossed over the little cliff, or has washed ashore. Here we have a polystyrene foam container.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1094.JPG

A plastic-paper carton of some sort; my guess is french-fries.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1095.JPG

A polystyrene foam box that once held a cell-phone or camera.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1096.JPG

A plastic bottle that once held water, was drained, and then considered to be waste that someone, somehow, would take car of as long as the bottle was tossed to one side.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1098.JPG

The trees shrug their shoulders right down to the waterís surface. It looks so soft and comforting.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1099.JPG

Lily pads float on the surface; there is a mist-like quality to the air.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1101.JPG

Here two Canada Geese shepherd their goslings out of our way.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1102.JPG

Note the baby that has been left far behind poppa, at the left-hand side of the photo.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1103.JPG

Baby is still trailing Poppa ...

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1104.JPG

Baby is still trailing Poppa ...

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1105.JPG

Baby is still trailing Poppa ...

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1106.JPG

But now Poppa has stopped paddling, and baby is safely in the clutch of goslings.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1107.JPG

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1110.JPG

It looks as if Momma is counting her babies.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1111.JPG

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1112.JPG

The river was like a lake; my guess is that very little water flows at this time; the melt water is gone, and there have been no heavy rains since then.

Can you say ďglass-likeĒ?

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1114.JPG

The photo doesnít do the shade of green justice.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1116.JPG

Turtles seemed to be perched on every log we passed. We made no count, but we saw, easily, more than fifty turtles and perhaps as many as a hundred; some logs sported a dozen turtles.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1117.JPG

Over winter this tree succumbed to the erosion and is about to uproot itself totally and then drift downstream.

There are many snags on the shallow stretches of this river.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1118.JPG

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1119.JPG

I was struck by the lines and reflections of these tree trunks.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1120.JPG

On the way back we spotted what looks like an access point. There is what I took to be an orange scar at the end; I saw traffic and judged this to be highway 48.

Fred thinks the orange blob at the eastern end of the track is a barn.

I think Fred is right.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1121.JPG

While I inspected the track, Fred went solo.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1123.JPG

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1124.JPG

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1125.JPG

One last inspection of our launch spot before I collect the last load of stuff to be taken up to the car.

We were on the water for three hours.

Christopher Greaves BlackRiver20150516_DSCN1126.JPG

Here is the ďMore on that laterĒ.

Since our previous visit three years ago, someone has erected No parking signs all along this road.

The road is sealed so we think it is town property.

The signs bear no Bylaw number, so I think that they are unenforceable.

My current theory is that local residents spend a few bucks and put up signs because dog-in-the-manger like they canít bear to share this stretch of public road with visitors.

Iíll make enquiries ...


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