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Baxter Lake

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A view of the general area. The Highway 400 bridge crosses the river at Port Severn just south of this view.

(Joe King Road) Highway 400 past Honey Harbor/Port Severn exit. Take Whites Falls Road exit and then continue North up Joe King Road after Whites Falls Road curves off to the right (east).

At the northern end of Joe King Road, turn left to duck under the highway, then turn left, SE, onto Lake Road which runs south along the western side of Highway 400 southbound.

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About half-way towards the end of Lake Road (So! Look for it on the way BACK!) is a turn off which appears to lead to a parking area; this area may not be a public parking area.

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At the end of Lake Road, past the turning circle, there may be a put-in, very close to the southbound lanes of Highway 400.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

We explored the area today and came up blank.

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Google Earth photos are now several years old. Visibly clear spaces are now occupied by cottages.

We discovered that a spot we drove to 12 months ago is now a cottage!

Work on Highway 400 has closed off many apparent exits e.g. Hidden Glen Road.

We found no easy access to Baxter Lake, not even from the downstream end at portage Road.

Baxter Lake itself is quite small, and seems not worth the paddle, especially as we canít see an easy access into Little Go Home Bay, and we have done the stretch from Portage Road to Honey Harbor on a separate trip.


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