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Subscribing to Podcasts

I use Juice Portable v2.22 to download podcasts, but have been having problems getting it to recognise “subscribe” buttons on web sites – or else I’m having difficulty getting the web sites to recognize my copy of Juice.

Here’s a workaround.

Christopher Greaves Podcast01.png

Above is a typical web page inviting me to subscribe to podcasts.

I’m going to “Get RSS Feed”.

Christopher Greaves Podcast02.png

I choose to save the RSS feed link to my browser (Firefox) toolbar.

Christopher Greaves Podcast03.png

In my browser I edit my bookmarks.

If you’re new to this you’ll have to hunt around a bit, but it will be there!

Christopher Greaves Podcast04.png

You can see here that I have saved TWO sets of RSS feed from the web site.

Christopher Greaves Podcast06.png

I load Juice and in the subscriptions tab Add a feed; I paste in the URL from the browser bookmark.

Christopher Greaves Podcast07.png

And just like that I am subscribed!


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