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What this application does for you

Calendar generates a 1-page monthly calendar for your business needs.

The Microsoft Word calendar Wizard is restricted to a seven-day week.

Calendar overcomes that limitation allowing you any number of days in a week.

If you manage an oil-rig with ten days on and four days off, Calendar will produce a calendar that suits your schedule.

If you need only five business days and a “weekend” column, Calendar will build you a six-column calendar.

One-click use

After installing the application template Under.dot, load Word and choose the StartUp macro from the Calendar toolbar menu.

Session Environment

Calendar will store your preferences in a file called Calen.INI, although in this early version no customization by preferences is available.

Tips and Tricks

Modify the style definitions for “MonthName” and “DayNumber”.

If the current document holds these style names, Calendar will overwrite the existing table; otherwise a new document will be created.

Change the number of columns in the table. (Don’t forget to adjust your column headings in the first row).

This version of Calendar will replace the first table in a document and leave other tables untouched.

If the number of columns is not a multiple of seven (days), Calendar will load the right-most column with a range of day numbers.

Calendar now takes the contents of the first cell (top left-hand corner) of the table and tries to recognize it as a day. You can use French or English, upper-or lower-case, and abbreviated forms.

“Sam” is equivalent to the French “Samedi” and the English “Saturday”, but “Sa” will be assumed to be Saturday. “Mon” will correspond to the English “Monday”

Calendar Wizard

Calendar is a superb replacement for Microsoft’s Calendar Wizard.

Whereas Microsoft’s wizard spends a lot of time asking you questions and delivering “blah!” results, my Calendar macro asks no questions and delivers an amazing variety of powerful view.

In summary:



Calendar Basics

Generates a calendar in a manner far superior to Microsoft's method.

Calendar Calendar Ownership

Your Calendar belongs to you! You can adjust the appearance in any way you choose.

Calendar Calendar Tips’N’Tricks

Here's what you can do to ease your workload even further, with a tiny little bit of VBA

Calendar Change The Appearance

Modify the styles to change the appearance of your calendar.

Calendar Change The Days

I see no reason why you should not utilize the French names for the days of your week.

Calendar Change The Number Of Days

I see no reason why you should not use an eleven-column calendar to represent a schedule of ten days "on" and four days "off".


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