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What This Application Does For You

The BillT application and its associated batch file use the .LOG feature of Notepad to provide you with a simple means of tracking your time.

One-Click Use

After installing the batch file and the application template BillT.dot, load Word, and choose the macro BillT.BillingMacros.ReportBilling from the BillT toolbar menu.

BillT will load all (any) of your billing timesheet data files and present them in summary on a GUI form. Detailed instructions are presented #HowItWorks.

The first time you run the application it will attempt to create a suitable batch file in your Documents and Settings area, and ask you if you would like a Quick Launch icon.

Session Environment

We will store your preferences in a file called BillT.INI.

Reporting Suggestions

Please use the Contact details from the web site www.chrisgreaves.com .

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