2017-11-12 Sun

Trees of Toronto

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Small trees and large took a hit over Wednesday night. I read reports that the temperature dropped to -18c, although that might have been with a wind-chill factored in.

On Saturday morning we still had a carpet of green leaves on Yorkville Avenue.

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On Friday as I walked back from the lunchtime concert at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Yonge street, east side just south of Carlton, had a carpet of leaves.

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And I’d seen these carpets around Nathan Phillips Square and everywhere else where the City Of Toronto has planted small and fragile decorative trees, than can be replaced in five years time and thus keep departmental budgets high and unemployment rates low.


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A week or so ago I set off for a drive-in-the-country. This involves setting off shortly after seven o’clock to collect the Toronto Advertiser from Ryerson University, then walking along Gerrard Street to Enterprise Car Rental.

At seven o’clock I was in the dark, walking past the construction site, practicing my Spanish. It is pretty well the norm now in Toronto for people to be apparently talking to them selves. You don’t get carted off for psychiatric examination as happened in the Good Old Days.

Nonetheless I became aware of another pedestrian coming up alongside of me, so I shut up and slowed down to let the guy go past me.

As I shortened my pace, so did he.

This scared me a bit. The sky was dark, I was in a narrow walkway between a concrete truck barrier and a construction site, nowhere to run, no traffic around.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20171101_072443448.jpg

Turned out that my peripheral vision had caught sight of my own reflection in the mirrored-steel coverings of the construction site.

Then I burst out laughing. You can’t see it in these poor images, but I was bloated beyond recognition in these fun-fair mirrors.

In some ways it feels good to begin the day with a good laugh at myself.