2017-11-11 Sat

Four Cranes

Another in the series Four Cranes; I photograph scenes during my walks around downtown Toronto where I can fit at least Four Tower Cranes into a Single Frame on my smart phone camera

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20171031_101652905_HDR.jpg

If you have trouble spotting the fourth crane, check the extreme bottom-right corner of the image.

The crane to the left is atop the second Condominium in Grenville Street. The two cranes in the right foreground are on Wellesley street, east of the Subway Station.

Four Cranes

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20171031_103217377_HDR.jpg

The two cranes in the foreground are between Wellesley and Breadalbane Streets.

The crane in the left background in on the east side of Bay Street atop The Britt.

I think the fourth crane is servicing the same building, The Britt, from its eatsern side, but ...

On reflection I think this is on Wellesley Street, the foreground being the new building just east of the subway station. I need to catch up on my tagging of photos ...