2017-11-10 Fri


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A little bit of excitement on our street the other day. At night time, around 11 †p.m. a different type of Waste Truck drives into this Garbage Bay, completely inside the building, it hoists steel dumpsters above its head within the cavern and tosses their odorous contents into its hold.

At ten in the morning, a different sort of truck ( well, the same sort, but performing a different purpose) had a driver who decides to reverse out of the cavern into the busy street with a steel bin raised above his head. Or at least, once he has driven backwards through the scaffolding, decides to raise the steel bin above his head.

Good thing traffic was blocked from using the street for an hour or so, for we were all out taking photos of the unfortunate wretch.

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I swiveled around and took a cautionary shot of the front of our building, still clad in scaffolding after all these years. The first snow has fallen today, so the workmen canít possibly come back and finish the job (that is, remove the scaffolding) until 2018. Another three-year building maintenance job in Toronto.



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I applied for my Canadian Passport renewal last week, and the new passport has arrived. I still appear to be a Mafia Capo, which is why I use my British passport whenever possible. In that one I look like a Sicilian Uncle.

The Canadian Passport ensemble has made it even easier to obtain a Fake Passport, and hence a fake Driverís License and the whole wad of fake identification papers.

Email me for details and give thanks for Computer Automation.