2017-11-08 Wed


Crawling along a downtown street in stop-go traffic I had occasion to pause on my good fortune, Some forty-plus years ago I had the good fortune to reside in South Australia where the state government in its infinite wisdom decided that any state employee who drove a state vehicle should undergo advanced driver training. I was not and never have been state employee who drove a state vehicle, but since the scheme was government-funded, any citizen (me!) could attend the one-day course.

Knowing that I was the best driver in the state, I attended and had eight hours of corrections applied to my driving style and attitude. I resolved to do better.

Four years later, armed with my well-drummed practice, I re-attended and flunked again!

The instructors were recruited from the Hendon UK police driver training school and they were spot-on in their observations and dictums, you ask m. I treasure the life-saving measures they gave to me even today.

So there I am, creeping down University Avenue and along the Gardiner Westbound, dazzled by the brake lights of the vehicle ahead of me. Chap rode his/her brakes for about five miles.

Needlessly, in the view of the Instructors. Hurt my eyes, too.

Four Cranes

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20171030_081805257.jpg

When I moved Downtown I noticed that not matter where you are downtown you can usually see at least Four Tower Cranes. Tower cranes, not mobile cranes, not those construction elevators tacked to the outside of buildings. Not the concrete snorkelers. Tower Cranes with square towers. Of course, if you insist on standing under a restaurant canopy you won’t see any cranes, and while there are a few blind spots, by the time you’ve crossed the road you have four cranes in your view again.

I have decided to embark on a new photograhic essay . As I walk around Toronto I look for Clusters of Cranes and try to fit four cranes into one shot. As in the view above.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20171030_081805257a.jpg

Sometimes it is hard to find all four cranes in the photo. In this example I have circled major parts of four cranes to help you see what I am talking about. This shot was taken on Wood Street, I think, immediately east of Yonge and looking North-east.