2017-10-27 Fri

Clear Thinking

Another aspect of Bill62 is the claim/counter-claim that the law is Targeted At Religious Minorities. Well, you canít have it both ways.

We are told that only 50 to 100 women wear the Full Face-Covering in the Province of Quebec. I feel sure that there are more than a hundred members of the Islamic Faith in the Province of Quebec.

Now, either the law is targeted at a hundred people, or it is targeted at thousands of people.

But it canít surely be targeted at both.

So who would YOU claim that the law attacks? One hundred women, or every Muslim in the Province of Quebec?


I returned home from my holiday in Newfoundland to find all but one of the Species of Plant Life dead.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20171020_150203241.jpg

Yes, thatís a dead plant no longer hiding under a flat rock. Perhaps it lacked enough light there. But its dead brother can be seen lurking near the left hand side of this image.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20171020_150229866.jpg

Here is s stalk of the Surviving Species, grown long enough to stretch well above the Water Surface and rest its head on the tank wall.

This tells me a couple of things:-

(1)†Not all Species of Water Plants found in Toronto creeks will cope well in a Domestic Aquarium.

(2)†My aquarium had enough Nutrients to support some plant life.

This second point is vital. I have enough nutrients, for now, before I add fish and excreted remnants of fish-digested fish-food.

Thatís good news.