2017-10-26 Thu


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While I passed four days waiting for my flight, I had reason to print off a few sheets of paper – Banking and Credit Account Statements. I tracked down a Local Printer who ran off the sheets, and then gave me some of his time explaining aspects of his Printing Machinery.

I grabbed a Business Card, because I will email him to ask about some Home Movies he has shot of the machines in action.

I visited his web site, and found to my dismay that the URL listed on the business card does not exist.

What should I do? (!!)

Clear Thinking

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The local (Canadian) papers each day run an opinion about the province of Quebec’s latest bill-to-arouse-anger. Each published article provides food for thought.

I wish Canadians would eat their food rather than wolfing it down and then having a vomit reaction.

I have been offended by people wearing dark sunglasses in my presence for at least forty years. I do not like talking or dealing with someone who unnecessarily hides their eyes from me.

And yes, there are people with eye problems. If you have been to have your eyes tested you know the problems of walking out into bright sunlight after the eye-drops have been applied. But what percentage of sunglass wearers are in that condition?

I dislike dealing with officials, Toronto Police officers especially, who wear sunglasses while speaking to me.

I dislike conversations with friends, even in bright light, who wear sunglasses while speaking to me. I don’t ask them to remove their sun-glasses. We are out walking, or driving, in bright light. Sunglasses make sense. But I still would rather that we didn’t need sunglasses.

There are many other face-coverings that are to me unappealing, especially in Toronto. In Wintertime. People are already wearing scarves and mittens on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Pedestrians cover their faces with scarves, as if a zero Celsius temperature with wind-chill taking it to -5c is really going to make your nose drop off.

Don’t get me started on ski-masks on Bay Street south of Bloor.

Or tracksuits with hoods that inhibit peripheral vision and might cause my streetcar to be delayed because someone wearing a hood walked under a car.

And I just KNOW that if I walk into my local BMO branch wearing face-covering that hides all but my eyes, at least one teller will slowly reach for that push-button just below their desk.

There is a reason for a sane society to frown at face-coverings, and to make that frown visible by NOT wearing a face-covering.

There is a reason for an insane society to frown at removing face-coverings.