2017-10-23 Mon


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I wandered Kitchen Plus in Etobicoke looking for an Espresso Machine.

Kitchen Plus announce that this price is impossible.

I took their word for it and moved on. Two aisles over was an espresso pot (stove-top) for fourteen dollars with no claim to fame.

I found that Believable.


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For five years now, six summers in all, I have watched Gardeners plant Pretty Flowers in the three flower beds outside Police Headquarters, and for five years, six summers, I have observed Maintenance Staff water the two beds by the entrance and ignore the bed on the south-east corner of Bay Street and Grenville Street.

Why spend money planting hundreds of plants if you are too cheap to buy an Extension to the Plastic Hose that is used to water the adjacent plots? There is a Canadian Tire store just down Bay Street at Dundas Street.


When you go on Vacation, how do you know that your Frozen Meat hasnít thawed during a Power-Cut while you were away?

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You fill a tumbler with water and freeze it. At the same time you put a Heavy Brass Nut in the freezer to chill.

Twenty-four hours later you place the brass nut atop the frozen water and catch the plane out of here.

If when you return the brass nut is still atop the ice, Prepare Dinner.

Else, think carefully.