2017-10-22 Sun

The Invictus Games

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Are being held in Toronto, and Nathan Phillips Square has been enclosed and turned into a Tennis Court.

The lawns between Nathan Phillips Square and Queen Street have disappeared and become an expanse of dry and dusty clay.

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Now whether this is because of regular tourist traffic, or whether it is because crowds came to see an English Prince, I do not know.

But it is typical for Toronto, that the city can revamp a plastic sign, but cannot manage to water a lawn of grass.

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I continued on towards Queen Street. In the interests of The Invictus games (I Am) the city has erected Steel Barriers to stop residents of the city walking where they might to cross the street.

The residents of the city (We are!) have Dislodged the barriers so that we can cross the street instead of walking two or three hundred yards to cross and then two or three hundred yards back again.


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I took the GO Train to Mississauga and decided to take a movie of Your Tax Dollars At Work.

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On my return to Union Station I was not surprised to find the York Concourse escalators out of service. Again.

It seems to me that every other time I exit this concourse, the escalators are out of action for Regular Maintenance. A Fifty Percent Utility Rate is terrible.

It has been this way since the Pan-Am games in summer 2015, that is, two years ago.