2017-10-21 Sat

Drugs and the Federal Government

I still cannot get my head around the Marijuana argument put forward by the Liberals in their election speeches. Legalization of Marijuana seems to be the only major promise they have kept. Election reform has dropped by the wayside.

A recent TVO podcast where Toronto City Councilor Joe Cressey is interviewed by Steve Paikin 2454464_48k How Toronto is facing the Opioid Crisis, has around the 7m25s mark Joe saying of pop-up sites “ ... they are technically illegal, but they work and are necessary” (I am quoting from my memory, not verbatim)

I have no experience with the so-called recreational drugs which with Fenatyl are now resulting in deaths, and so can hardly be said to be re-creating something, since Entropy has existed for eternity.

In my arguments I say that:-

(1) From a higher viewpoint, all recreation drugs be they marijuana, opium, alcohol, cocaine, glue or petrol are mood-altering substances, and once the human mind grasps the idea that “taking something makes you feel good”, there is no going back.

(2) My experience with alcohol supports that point. Once I started with beer, it was an easy step to table wine, fortified wine, and then distilled spirits.

(3) Legalizing marijuana is legalizing a first step along a road to recreational drug use, and if marijuana (beer) is not available but cocaine (table wine) is, then the user will escalate to cocaine.

(4) If a drug Fenatyl is so bad that illegal prevention/recovery sites pop up, clearly there is a problem with recreational drugs.

I cannot make any rational link between the acknowledged dangers of recreational drug use and the legalization of the same.


So there I am in a store that I shan’t name to avoid giving embarrassment.

I see a rack of sun-hats, and since I am always losing sun-hats, it doesn’t hurt to have a spare one.

The sun-hats are priced at $15 and at $20. But then I spot one at ten dollars, marked down.

Amongst other things, it has small kangaroos printed on the hat. Count me in!

I walked back across the store to thank Sweet Thing (not her real name) who had walked me over to the hat rack, and she laughed and said “And it is marked down, too”.

Off to the check-out, where one of the two clerks mumbled something about the label not being correct.

I said it was like that on the rack.

She mumbled something about how some people find a label on the floor and stick it on an item.

I didn’t like the sound of that, so I said that I picked it off the rack because it was only ten dollars, and if she was going to rack the price up, well, where I come from we call that bait-and-switch, and I told her that I was sure that that was illegal in Ontario.

I model myself on Bill Bryson.

Well, there was much swiping of bar codes, muck keying-in of digits into cash register, then a standalone device had to be found and mastered, by now with the help if the other clerk.

It always seems like ten minutes, but it was probably closer to five before the panel of judges decreed that I could have it for ten dollars, from which I infer that it was at ten dollars all along, because the hard work the two clerks put into trying to disprove the tag told me that if they could have dinged me twenty dollars on the slightest chance (because it is Sunday and you are facing north and you once went to Denia and you’ve ridden all thirty bus routes in Poissy and ...)

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170925_110041710.jpg

So I paid ten dollars (plus tax) and walked out of there hotter over the collar than if I didn’t have a hat.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the three customers I was aware of in the lineup (there may have been more hidden by the impulse-buy shelving) were all glaring at the back of my head.

So maybe the whole exercise cost Marshall’s store ten dollars that they might have got if they weren’t too cheap to have staff members check “on special” tags on a regular prowl around the store.

But it’s cost them more than that by the fact that I’ll choose not to shop there again.

I don’t know how to cost the lost goodwill with all the customers in the lineup behind me.

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170925_110047245.jpg

You ask me, it doesn’t look as if the adhesive red label has spent a lot of time on the floor.