2017-10-19 Thu


I Arrived home late last night after a grueling eight-and-a-half hour flight, which included two incidents with unruly passengers. I think it was 8 ½ hours. We were supposed to board at 3:05 p.m., but delays in boarding held us up, and delays in taking off at both Halifax and Montreal held us back. The taxi-cab driver told me that the time was ten-ten as we pulled away, 22:10 that is Toronto time, so 23:40 St John’s time. I used my smart-phone the entire time and didn’t let it adjust time automatically.

You can read a more detailed description here, including why I probably won’t fly Porter Airlines again.

Well, back in Toronto. I slept until 6:30, awoke to a dark sky, made coffee, unpacked and sorted (“Clothing: to soak for laundry”; that was easy). Of course I had emptied out my fridge before leaving so I broke my fast on a can of tuna and a crossword puzzle from Yesterday’s Toronto Advertiser which turned out to be the one I did while waiting to board in St John’s. Damn the syndication!

After making a loaf of bread I realised my lack of desire to do anything at all, a sure sign for me now of needing to sleep, so went back to bed and dozed off, waking up four hours later. I must have needed that sleep.

In the afternoon I headed off on foot, although my calves are aching from being seated in a small seat for eight hours non-stop. First to the RBC to cash a federal cheque, and met two young ladies with a map. “Can I help you?”. The young one from Norwich Ontario (I’d never heard of it, smaller than Drumbo apparently) and her friend from Holland. Set them off to Dundas Street, cashed the cheque, then into Ryerson for the Toronto Advertiser and along Gerrard Street, where I found a man my age with a map. “Can I help you?”. The fellow had walked down from Finch Avenue and was looking for Old Town. Two years older than I am, and I hope in two years time to walk down from Finch Subway Station to Lake Ontario.

Treated myself to getting my right-eyebrows trimmed, and while you’re at it”, I said, “you might take a look at my left eybrow too, and my ears. Then, if there’s time, take a bit off the sides and the back”.

Next stop NoFrills. No need for a shopping list today. Just restock the fridge until I think I have two bags of groceries, then check out (under $40) and run to catch a streetcar.

I am home, sited in the middle of an ugly garbage dump of left-over construction debris. It feels good, but I return to wondering why Toronto puts up with such a “ninety percent will do for now” attitude.

I am an evangelist for Newfoundland.