2017-10-01 Sun


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The National Post Saturday September 23rd 2017 ran an article bemoaning our Dependence on Technology.

I agree.

The article made comment on our poor use of EMail, using EMail when Real-Time Oral Communication would be more appropriate.

Over thirty years ago I worked for I.P.Sharp & Associates in Toronto, on a team of about a dozen people.

All too often someone would have an idea such as “Should we used Enclosed Arrays to do this?” and there would follow up to four weeks of EMails back and forth between members of the team.

Four weeks later everyone seemed to be sick of the discussion and would then agree to whoever had the loudest (email) voice.

Back in the old days at ICL’s Software Development Centre two or three of us would have discussed it for five minutes over a coffee (OK, a cup of tea) and then called a Technical Meeting.

In the meeting room some ten or twenty people would be gathered in a relaxed debate atmosphere. Ideas pro and con. Discussion. Decision made (either by a show of hands or by the Director or Senior Manager present) and then we would all get back to work.

There was sufficient notice of the meeting (typically two days) for poor speakers to put their thoughts in writing, and an opportunity for everyone present to voice their opinion.

Much better IMHO.


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Ever sit behind someone whose Shirt tag is Exposed, and you just ache to tuck it back in?

What do you suppose I should have done in the case of this gentleman?