2017-09-29 Fri

Clear Thinking

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Apologies for the poor mage. Globe and Mail, I believe, Saturday 23rd September 2017.

The two bar charts are comparing North Korea (on the left) against South Korea.

On the surface the two nations are similar.

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Look closely and you will see that the North Korean figures are expressed in Millions, whereas the South Korean figures are expressed in Billions.

Such a shame that the chart captions do not highlight this difference.

To my mind, the fact that South Korea is about one thousand times more profitable than North Korea is the biggest message that the data convey.

Why hide this message?


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Well known it is that on a quiet news day in Australia they will run a story about a Canadian hiker in British Columbia being eaten, or at least attacked by, a bear.

Likewise on a quiet day in Canada a surfer gets eaten, or at least loses a chunk of leg, on account of a shark off Bondi beach.

So it must be a really quiet summerís day in Canada when a Hot News Item is olive oil being sold out of a cemeteryís Olive Trees.