2017-09-25 Mon

Clear Thinking

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I met this situation almost twenty years ago, a friend who had some savings invested with a firm, one of whose advisors held her hand.

“I’m not happy with his advice” she lamented. Something about how he always got paid whether her investments (in Nortel!) went up or down.

I made a suggestion:

Cash in your investments and savings, bonds, certificates and so on. Put all the cash into a brand-new savings account.

Then contact this advisor and contact a different advisor (different form and so on). Sit with each advisor separately. Tell them (from a printed handout, naturally) that they will each be assigned one half of the savings account, and that they each have one year to demonstrate their skill in short-term appreciation of savings.

After a year, sit with each advisor. Strip one of authority and assign the entire savings to the winner.

Rinse and repeat every five years.


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Two weeks ago I baked yet-another-loaf-of-home-baked-bread.

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Getting pretty good at this whole-wheat loaf business.

In the wind-down towards my vacation I have been nudifying the interior of my fridge, and having not baked a loaf, I went and bought a regular whole-wheat load from the local supermarket.


I came close to cancelling my vacation.

Instead of mis-judging my need for bread, I should stay in my regular routine, and just chuck any unused bread into the vermicomposter the day I leave for vacation.

People actually buy loaves of bread at more than three dollars.

And that’s for plastic factory-made bread, too, not your artisanal stuff from the yellow-and-green painted bakery on Dundas Street.