2017-09-24 Sun


I have hit on a brilliant idea. The temptation is strong to wander into Metro when they have Jarlsberg Cheese on special at $2.49/100†grams and bring it straight home. Trouble is Iím probably getting off the subway train at College and that means Iíve been out for a while and am hungry.

And that means that I am so tempted to wade into grilled cheese on toast the minute I get home and, of course, that tastes so good Iíll make a second serving, and we all know where that leads us tomorrow morning on the bathroom scales.


The trick is to defer or delay the consumption of the cheese until after I am full with some other foodstuff.

Hereís what I do:

I buy a two-litre brick of Chapmans Butterscotch Ripple and tell myself that I mustnít touch the cheese until the ice-cream is all gone.

So far it seems to be working.

Sort of.

Clear Thinking

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170917_085415112.jpg

There is much discussion over a piece of legislation. Numbers are tossed into the fray like cannon-fodder (or in todayís age of reproduction ďCanon-fodderĒ).

According to this report, Mr Wolfson sees that the number of small business has risen by 0.6 million from 1.2 million to 1.8 million.

According to this report, Mr Wolfson notes that this increase was incidental with a drop in interest rates.

According to this report, Mr Wolfson thinks that one of these was the cause of the other.

According to Mr Greaves, the two changes could be merely incidental with each other, co-incident, with neither one causing the other.

Mr Greaves thinks this way because Mr greaves reasons that the more Big Business mires itself in the past, the more Brilliant Young Minds are inclined to jump ship and start their own business.

Mr Greaves believes that you donít have to be a rocket surgeon to smart your own business. Mr Greaves thinks that if you are currently employed 25 hours a week as a supermarket checkout cashier, then right now is a very good time to look for a change of job or to start your own business where automated checkout machines canít be introduced.