2017-09-23 Sat

The Changing Face of Canadian Public Transit

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OK. I get that traveling from Toronto (probably the downtown Union Station bog-jammed hub, but still) to Ottawa or Montreal in about forty minutes is a good thing, but just look at the cost:-

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We will have to move Niagara Falls out to Moncton or perhaps even St Johnís!


A Day Off

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I goofed off on Saturday and went to re-visit the Textile Museum. Ten dollars for seniors. What a deal!

I went to read a book from their library. Iíd spotted the book three years ago and wanted to read it in full.

ďOperation of the Jacquard LoomĒ by James Han.

How good is the Textile Museum? Because I was visiting on a Saturday they opened the library for me, located the book, and let me sit quietly by myself (outside the library) and read it. And take notes.

Iíll be back.

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Why is this book so interesting to a programmer? Well, for one thing, it discusses debugging the sequences in the coding of the 34-column punched cards. Read the last sentence in the image above.

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And another thing: While wandering the exhibition of Japanese fabrics I came across this little gem. When was the last time you saw ďindigenousĒ and ďindigoĒ in the same short sentence?

I thought as much.