2017-09-21 Thu

Bad Habits

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On the front page of this section of the newspaper, for Christís sake, the newspaper is all up in arms about a Worker whose Hijab Scarf was caught up in a Machine. The worker was Strangled to Death. For Shame! Tut tut! This calls for an inquiry, if not a royal commission.

Turning the page we find a Joyous piece about a Nun in a Flowing Habit Wielding a Chain Saw. For Christís sake.

No wonder I turned atheist.

Clear Thinking

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A Candidate for Leadership of a Political Party is, I understand, A Sikh. He wears a turban.


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Martin Regg Cohn points out that this man couldnít wear it to work in Quebec if Quebec goes ahead with proposed legislation.

Which raises the question in my mind: If I were to be elected leader of a Political Party in Quebec, and as a practicing atheist chose to wear a turban to work, would that be allowed?

After all, it is not a religious symbol. It is just a scarf that I have wound around my head.