2017-09-16 Sat

Toronto Transit Commission Bus Shelters

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Actually, they aren’t. Bus Shelters, I mean. They don’t shelter the buses. They are supposed to Shelter Passengers, but they’ve not done it very well.

The old shelters were a Sealed Box, the roof sealed to the walls, and the roof was Opaque. In Summer, bald people like me could stand in the shade; not so with these clear plastic roofs.

In Winter when the rain and wind blow, the rain and wind blow in between the gap that exists between the walls and the roof and leave Large Puddles on the Seats so that no one can it down while waiting twenty minutes for the next bus. No wonder Toronto Transit Commission Passengers are Cranky.

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But enough about my complaining. Jack Lakey is barking up the wrong tree, again. I think nobody is striving very much at all.

If anyone in management had any brains they’d hop on a bus and travel the route and log how many Passengers were at each bus stop. Shouldn’t take long, providing the Advertising Agency Staff all use the Toronto Transit Commission (their client, after all) to get to and from work and ditto Toronto Transit Commission Staff and Management.

Finding the right location for a new shelter IS an exact science. If there are consistently no passengers waiting to get on a bus at the stop, then you don’t need a shelter.

OK. I won’t argue: If the number of passengers waiting for a bus over a One-Year Sample Period is in the Bottom Five Percent, then you don’t need a shelter.

The Toronto Transit Commission’s big mistake was letting the Advertising Company replace Existing Shelters before every stop was served by a shelter.

Dumb Idea.

Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto and the Olympic Games

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Back on Monday 31st August 2015 I suggested that Toronto should bid for the Olympic games.

Amongst other things I said:-

“Toronto could go down in History as the city that brought the Olympic Games back to Amateur Status AND brought the games back to the people. We can’t lose this way.”

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Seems I was right! (feels good!)