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This story is about Temporary Workers, but read deeply.

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Her hijab was caught in a machine strangling her.

Back in 1970 I started work on the campus of the South Australian Institute of Technology, working for ICL’s Software Development Centre.

In those days we (men) wore long pants, polished shoes, plain shirts and ties. I had arrived from BHP where it was White Shirts and Black Ties, so we all looked like IBM salesmen.

The computer operators, in their goldfish bowl, got to work without ties (but with professional white dust coats). The operators were not allowed to wear ties at work, in case the ties were drawn into a moving device such as a card-reader, a printer, a tape drive, or whatever you have.

There was some chif-chaffing in both directions.

How is it, some fifty years later, that this has not become an automatic habit for all machine operators?

Forget about hijab/religion/women and the other aspects.

Think about plain common sense.

In my wheat-harvesting days, long-sleeved shirts and hats to guard against the sun were mandatory. And the shirt HAD to be tucked into the waistband of the trousers. Tractors and combine harvesters can chew up a guy in seconds.

The High-Speed World

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I am now officially Drifting out of my Knowledge Area. A better way of phrasing that might be “I am more interested in Reading Books from the Library than in Keeping up to Date on Technology”.

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I understand Upload Speeds, Download Speeds. I get Bits-Per-Second as “bps” and Bytes Per Second as “Bps”, and their kilo-loaded equivalents.

But what the heck is Mpbs”?