2017-09-13 Wed


Itís early days yet but I stumbled on an idea.

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I had started a Second Tub, Shallow this time, and it was getting in my way. So I set it atop my bigger tub while I pondered.

Then I thought ďWhat a brilliant idea!Ē. I have experimented with Tower Composters over the past twenty-five years. Vertical drop. Gravity and all that.

Now I think why not use an intermediate form?

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I have scooped out debris from the left-hand or lower side ...

Christopher Greaves Home_IMG_20170910_161243392.jpg

... and used it to cover this weeks food scraps.

Theory is that Excess Water will bleed away from the new mass at the upper end, and can then Evaporate from the lower end.

I can use the bin as a Modified Tower, processed material will slide down to the left, and into the gap at the right go the scraps, to be covered by debris from the left hand side.

Clear Thinking

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Apologies for the cruddy shot. The essence is that the Toronto Star here is running an article about one of its Reporters, Ben Spurr, jumped through hoops to get access to data.

Nothing new in that.

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Well! I wrote about this not so long ago.

If Citizens Pay the Salaries of the Bureaucrats, shouldnít we be allowed to inspect their work? And since we have already paid, why should pay again (five dollars a pop) to see what the pollys have been up to?

I canít see that every character, every word, should be uploaded to the web, but whatís wrong with making all the Documentation that travels between staff available for perusal.

Emails: It ought not be beyond Current Technology to provide a link to an email server that can regurgitate emails on demand.

Of course, if youíve been using the government servers to get your wedding plans for Hawaii in order, that might be a bit embarrassing.