2017-09-12 Tue


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I was as guilty as the next guy, back in the sixties where I was educated by my peers.

In Toronto around 1995 I remember being offended by the CEO of a potential client who said ‘I’ll get the girl to type this up”. Offended enough to realise that with this type of antiquated thinking we were never going to assemble a forward-looking project.

Back to Minnan-Wong. Like most perpetrators he is allowed to get off with a typically Canadian “I’m Sorry”. I’m not sure what sort of punishment would fit into the category of Amends, but I figure that this sort of attitude needs more than a simple “I’m Sorry”.

The way it is you can say what you like to offend, as long as you follow it up with a meaningless “I’m Sorry”.

Same goes for stepping on my toes, letting the door close in my face, spilling your coffee on me on the bus or subway.


So you see there’s this HUGE weed on the sidewalk, HUGE. Trump could’ve planted it. I mean HUGE!

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Well, it got clipped after Jack Lakey got on the ball.

But if it is a weed, why not dig it out?

And if it is a shrub, why plant it there? Or at least, why not trim it back once a month or so?

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My eye was caught by the location – I know this stretch of The East Mall – and its proximity to the sixteen(?) lanes of Highway 427 immediately to the west.

Jack is getting ready to ask how the weed grew to be so big.

Could it be an abundance of Trace Elements?

Maybe living alongside a major highway is not such a bad thing.

Maybe we should ask all our weightlifters, shot-putters and boxers to rent houses along the East Mall.

Gymnasts need not apply.