2017-09-08 Fri


You, like I, have heard the Car Horn Beep two or three times when the Doors are Locked from the outside using Remote Control from the fob.

I find myself wondering why?

What security is there in pressing a button and hearing the car horn sound?

My old ex-Hendon Police Driver-Instructor told me “The only thing a turn-signal (flashing) tells you is that the light is working. It is no guarantee that the driver will steer the car around the corner”.

And the only thing the car horn tells you is that the klaxon is working.

With today’s electronics, the fob itself could give off a set of vibrations as messages; two short ones is synonymous with “I’m Locked”, while seven short vibrations could be “You’ve left a window open”, and so on. Or at the very worst, a ding-dong that is audible only to those within four feet.

The only way to test if your doors are locked is to tug on each handle


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A bit more about that $800,000,000.

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ScotiaBank is forking out $800M over 20 years, which on my slide-rule comes to $40M per year.

Ten times as much as Air Canada was paying each year.

I checked out ticket prices for a September 19th NHL Preview event. Prices hovered around $40 each.

So $40M/annum at $40 a ticket comes to a million.

I suspect ScotiaBank doesn’t expect to recoup their $800M through increased ticket sales, so it has to be a gamble on something else.