2017-09-07 Thu

Clear Thinking

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Some aspects of this world are a big mystery to me.

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I get that it is a Good Neighbourly Thing for Canada to offer any kind of help to Houston and its surrounding areas.

I donít get it that it makes any sense at all ďtruckingĒ material goods right through the heart of a material-goods supplier such as the USA.

I understand that bedding, baby supplies and the like are urgently needed, but I am puzzled as to why these canít be obtained more rapidly from oh, say Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Chicago, Columbus ... (goes on to lost almost all the cities in the USA) than they can be obtained from Toronto. If nothing else, thereís no delay at the border.

I would have thought that emailing cash to a warehouse in Phoenix would get material goods there faster than assembling them and trucking them from Canada.


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I have known for 25+ years that stress makes me gain weight and consume more gasoline. The latter because when Iím stressed I tend to use the brake more, and that means I am throwing energy away.

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Too I can recognise stress patterns in my weight, and you can spot that there have been stressful times in my life, just by glancing at the chart above.

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The article in the Globe and Mail was good because it reminded me to get back to recording what I eat while I change my habits.

In the past seven days I have dropped 4.6 pounds, but in part this includes moving past the CNE and Buskerfest.

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The Mental Health bit not so much. I began to fill out the survey but found that even with the most supple of relaxations I had trouble answering questions about my immediate boss, my colleagues, my overtime hours and the like.